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About Signifyd

Eliminate Fraud and Chargebacks

When we were online retailers, we were the victims of a severe payment fraud attack. Scammers using stolen credit card information placed hundreds of orders worth thousands of dollars on our Magento website. Once we realized what we were dealing with, we reached out to Signifyd. Their technology and team helped us eliminate payment fraud and chargebacks virtually overnight. was dealing with the same exact issue when we introduced them to Signifyd. 

Without Signifyd, it would be impossible to know with near certainty which orders should be approved and which orders should be denied. Signifyd analyzes millions of transactions monthly and uses advanced machine learning to provide online retailers with automated fraud management. With Signifyd, you can automatically approve and cancel orders. You can receive complete chargeback assurance with Signifyd stepping in to pay any chargeback that passes through their fraud filters.