About Finale Inventory

High-Volume Multichannel Warehouse Management Software for Zentail Sellers

Finale Inventory and Warehouse Management System is a cloud-based software that's designed to be flexible with scalability in mind. Solving the needs of all-sized sellers, Finale Inventory offers a full range of services to support multichannel expansion:

  • - Inventory management
  • - Multi-warehouse management
  • - Order management
  • - Wireless barcode scanning
  • - Inventory Forecasting based on Sales Velocity
  • - Product Kitting
  • - Returns and stock control system
  • - Powerful reporting engine
  • - Simple, transparent pricing
  • - Complementary training and consulting

Finale Inventory: 
A Partner that Listens

Having worked with thousands of customers over the years, we've learned that the one common thread among all clients is: nothing. Since each business presents its own unique workflows and challenges, Finale is designed from the ground up to be customizable to your own workflows and processes.

Included in the monthly fee, you'll work with a dedicated account manager who will take you from onboarding to smooth-sailing quickly, while helping with any necessary customizations. As you're busy growing the business, you can trust that Zentail + Finale Inventory will seamlessly handle operations behind the scenes.

Finale is a trusted partner of Zentail.


"Finale has truly changed the way we do business and increased our productivity and efficiency 100 times over."

- Michael Walker, Brand Manager @ FHY Inc