Tech at Its Core

EasyPost Order Fulfillment

Simple, efficient and tech-forward

EasyPost has the advantage of technology. Unlike most fulfillment partners that rely on traditional logistics thinking, EasyPost uses its Shipping API and robotics to get packages to your customers as quickly as possible.

An All-in-One Solution

Thousands of sellers rely on EasyPost for their fulfillment needs. From shipping labels to 3PL fulfillment and last-mile carrier delivery, EasyPost is a technology company at its core, using the latest in data science, robotic automation and their proprietary API technology to power their fulfillment solution. Below are just some of the services EasyPost provides: 

  • Multi-Carrier Rate Shopping 
  • Shipping Label Generation
  • Tracking with Branded Pages and Webhooks
  • Shipping insurance
  • Domestic + International Address Verification
  • Fulfillment
  • Freight shipping

How can EasyPost make all of this possible? Through their modern RESTful API and strong relationships with all of the major shipping carriers. A trusted Zentail partner, EasyPost is a leader in the shipping and logistics space whose robust solutions give ecommerce businesses more end-to-end flexibility and control over their parcel shipping and logistics processes.

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Automation + One Per-Package Rate

EasyPost has warehouses in key four corners of the U.S., providing customers with greater accessibility, coverage and efficiency. EasyPost's automated pick-and-pack process will increase the rate at which you facilitate orders, while their pre-negotiated carrier rates mean one low, flat rate per-package across warehousing, picking, packing, shipping and tracking.

EasyPost gives you the ability to customize your fulfillment process to fit your needs.  Their workflows are customizable with your demands, giving you more freedom in your operations. The cutting edge technology is the key advantage to working with EasyPost, connecting you with 100+ carriers so that you can squeeze the most efficiency out of your distribution chain.



To pick and pack with accuracy while reducing costs

Data Science

To handle last-mile delivery and find the right service at the right price

To provide robust reporting for inventory and shipments

EasyPost is a trusted partner of Zentail.