Tap into the Power of ManyTM

1-Day Free Shipping at No Additional Cost

Faster worldwide deliveries, at the price of ground shipping—or less!

Cahoot is a peer-to-peer network where top-rated brands and resellers collaborate to increase their sales and margins, by offering 1- or 2-day shipping at the price of Ground Shipping or less.

Getting your Seller-Fulfilled-Prime (SFP) or 2-Day Delivery badge on all other marketplaces doesn’t have to come at massive investments or profitability. Cahoot's peer-to-peer network helps you fulfill orders nationwide without the high cost or the commitment of owning/renting multiple warehouses.


Peer-to-Peer Fulfillment: How It Works

Cahoot taps into the warehouses of top-rated sellers and leading brands working together across the country and globe to provide fast, reliable shipping. You will fulfill orders for the network. In exchange, other sellers will store, pick, pack, and ship your goods on your behalf.

With every seller participating in the 'exchange' program, the costs of fulfilling your orders is offset by you fulfilling the orders for others on the network. This enables you to deliver orders nationwide within 1 day or 2 days via economical ground shipping without making any additional investments or incurring more fixed costs.

Win more customers

Grow fearlessly

No additional rent, no long-term contracts, no hidden costs.

Exceed high standards

Boost your sales by offering free 1- and 2-day shipping to your customers

Cahoot has a 'Make It Right' guarantee for 100% accuracy and delivery.

Cahoot is a trusted partner of Zentail.

Benefits of a peer-to-peer shipping network: