About Fishbowl Inventory

Quickbooks Inventory and Warehouse Management

Fishbowl's warehouse management system (WMS) powers Zentail sellers that want industry-leading manufacturing, warehouse and asset management along with a seamless integration into Quickbooks.

Leading sellers trust Zentail for listing, repricing, inventory and order management

If you use Fishbowl, let's discuss multichannel management.

  • Create work orders for all jobs including assembly, disassembly, repair, replacement.
  • Create templates for work orders and bills of materials.
  • Streamline your  manufacturing process to save time and money
  • Calculate inventory needs to avoid producing too many or too few products
  • Track inventory across every step of your operations from ordering to delivery

Fishbowl For Manufacturing Management

Fishbowl For Warehouse Management

  • Real-time inventory updates so you always know how much inventory is on-hand.
  • Set up automatic reorder points on all of your products to avoid stockouts.
  • Reorder and cycle count inventory with barcode scanning to avoid data entry errors.
  • Fishbowl also integrates with QuickBooks, and Xero for accounting.

Fishbowl For Asset Tracking

  • Track items by lot number, serial numbers, UPCs and expiration dates.
  • Monitor asset levels in multiple locations and transfer between locations.
  • Convert units of measure to separate a pallet into individual units.
  • Pick, pack, and ship items with greater accuracy and efficiency.
  • Cut down on overstocks, backorders and shortages.