Automation for Multichannel Dropshippers

Unlock Dropshipping on Zentail

with Zentail's Spark Shipping Integration

Spark Shipping lets sellers send orders from Amazon, eBay and other marketplaces managed through Zentail directly to their vendors for fulfillment. Spark Shipping not only routes orders and tracks shipment across multiple dropshipping suppliers, but automatically updates inventory on Zentail (and, in turn, your marketplaces) according to their order statuses. 

  • - Inventory managementEnjoy seamless communication between your suppliers and ecommerce channels by letting Spark Shipping process supplier feeds and send total quantities to Zentail  

  • - Order routing: Route orders received through Zentail to the right vendor, distributor, supplier or fulfillment center in any format they require, like email, API, EDI, FTP, CSV, etc.

  • - Tracking updates: Receive updates from your vendors and automatically update your channels with tracking codes and "order sent" statuses

Dropshipping Made Easy

Join hundreds of ecommerce sellers that use Spark Shipping to automate millions of orders across thousands of vendors. 

With the Zentail + Spark Shipping integration, you can gain greater control and visibility over your whole supply chain—all while saving time.

Contact us to learn more about this integration and how it can boost the efficiency of your dropship operations.


Spark Shipping is a trusted partner of Zentail.